“So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”


We invite you to join us in building a better world! “Celebrating The Earth – Festival Expo & Concert! A plea from the youth for change!

Our Mission/Vision is Dedicated to “Unity in Diversity,” to the Education of All Children and All People of the World. Creating Awareness and Support for Programs, Products & Services Dedicated to:  Music, Education, Virtues/Character Building, Empowerment, Healing/Wellness, Human Rights, Sustainability, Science and The Arts…United in Community Building.

In Honor of Russell & Gina Garcia, “Celebrating the Earth~ Festival/Expo & Concert, A Plea from Youth for Change!”

~ Los Angeles Area.  We are looking for Partner’s, Sponsor’s, Vendor’s & Volunteer’s. Vendor’s are: Organization’s, Programs, Products & Services helping to “Build A Better World!” Youth Performances. Leaders will speak about the Importance & Urgency for Change for The Earth & Humanity!  We appreciate your support and look forward to working together! To Contact us, please send us an email:

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