I Have Hundreds

 I Have Hundreds of Stories,

Some of them True

By Russell Garcia

“If you have read any of this book, you can see that Russell Garcia has had a wonderful career. He attributes the wonderful life and sensational good luck he and his wife Gina have had because of their goal: Dedicating their life to trying to do their share in building a beautiful, happy, peaceful, world for the people of every race, religion, and country. Everyone should read this book. It has, as well as fabulous stories about so many famous stars, the answers to a lot of the problems we have in today’s insane, mixed up world.” – Larson Craig, writer

“What a great book. Russ’s stories of his 70 years in the Music Business are personal, unique, very interesting, full of laughs and certainly worth reading.” – Quincy Jones, Composer, Producer, Arranger, Conductor

“What a life! Russ gives us a condensed account of his life, his work, and his beliefs. He manages to find humor in some unlikely situations, and his music and lovable personality endeared him to many.” – Bill Holman, Leader of the Bill Holman Band



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